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Adriana Briseño-Garzón

CPLS Project Manager
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of British Columbia
Faculty of Education
2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, V6T 1Z4, Canada


Research Interests
Dr. Adriana Briseño-Garzón is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Cross Faculty Inquiry at the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, and she is also the Project Manager of the Cultural Practices of Literacy Study. As part of CPLS she is currently researching science literacy in everyday situations and family literacy across contexts. Dr. Briseño-Garzón’s research interests focus on the influence of social and cultural elements on people’s learning experiences outside the classroom setting. She is also interested in the social nature of learning in museums, science education, the processes through which visitors create meaning across contexts of everyday life, and the relationships between museums and the construction of people’s social identities.

Dr. Briseño-Garzón’s interest in museums emerged as a result of her involvement in the development of exhibits for a hands-on children’s museum and an interactive science centre in Mexico City. After completing a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Agricultural Sciences in Mexico, she pursued graduate studies in museum education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC. She completed her MA thesis on agendas and family learning at the Vancouver Aquarium, and her PhD thesis focused on socio-cultural aspects of family learning in a Mexican science museum.

PhD - University of British Columbia, 2010
MA - University of British Columbia, 2005
MSc - Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agrícolas, Mexico, 2001
BSc - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico, 1999

“Bicentenario” Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research, Mexican Secretary of Education
Li Tze Fong Memorial Fellowship – University of British Columbia
University Graduate Fellowship – University of British Columbia
Graduate Student Mentorship Grant– University of British Columbia
Master’s Student Research Assistantship – University of British Columbia
Government of Canada Award (ICCS)
Gabino Barreda Medal UNAM, Mexico

Teaching Experience
Curriculum development for online instruction of graduate level course SCED520/EDCP558 “Learning in informal environments”, UBC
Instructor of graduate level course SCED520 “Learning in informal environments”. UBC
Invited lecturer at SCED520. UBC

Selected Publications

Briseño-Garzón, A. & Jahng, N. (Under Review). Defining informal settings through narrative of personal experience. Paper submitted for publication in Visitor Studies.

Briseño-Garzón, A., Perry, K. & Purcell-Gates, V. (Under Review). “To learn about science”: Real life science literacy across multicultural communities. Paper to be submitted for publication in Science Education.

Briseño-Garzón, A. (2012). Long-term outcomes of a family visit to the aquarium: What do adults take with them? In Le musée: entre la recherche et l’enseignement / The Museum: Between Research and Education. (A.M. Emond, Ed.). 376 pp. Éditions MultiMondes: Canada.

Briseño-Garzón, A. & Anderson, D. (2012). A review of Latin American perspectives on museums and museum learning. Museum Management and Curatorship, 27(2), 161-177.

Briseño-Garzón, A. & Anderson, D. (2012). “My child is your child”: Family learning in a Mexican science museum. Curator, 55(2), 179-201.

Purcell-Gates, V., Perry, K., & Briseño-Garzón, A. (2011) Analyzing literacy practice: Grounded theory to model. Research in the Teaching of English, 45(4): 439-458.

Purcell-Gates, V., Perry, K., Briseño-Garzón, A. & Mazak, C. (2011). Contextualizando agencia: Apropiación y resistencia en las prácticas de lectoescritura de niñ@s y jóvenes (To Contextualize Agency: Children and Youth’s Appropriation and Resistance of Literacy Practices). In: Encuentros etnográficos con niñ@s y adolescents. Entre tiempos y espacios compartidos (Ethnographic research with children and youth. Between shared time and spaces). Miño y Dávila: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Briseño-Garzón, A., Anderson, D., & Anderson, A. (2007). Entry and emergent agendas of adults visiting an aquarium in family groups. Visitor Studies, 10(1), 71–87.

Briseño-Garzón, A., Anderson, D., & Anderson, A. (2007). Adult learning experiences from an aquarium visit: the role of social interactions in family groups. Curator, 50(3), 299-318.