School and Home: Contexts for Conflict and Agency

Chad O'Neil
Michigan State University


During the data collection period of this study, my duties as a graduate writing consultant included working with writers and supervising and developing undergraduate writing consultants. Typical supervisory tasks included signing off on hours worked by undergraduate writing consultants and assigning and working with them on other writing center activities such as housekeeping, filing, and other tasks assigned by full time staff and faculty. Developmental activities included time spent with undergraduate writing consultants, working on areas they are interested in or on graduate writing consultant concerns. I also helped consultants develop professional/academic goals and assisted them in reaching those goals. The writing center at this university assists all consultants through weekly meetings and optional trips to various writing center conferences that take place throughout the year. While in the center, consultants can continue their development by working with each other and full-time faculty on both academic and professional writing.


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